Since Second Sight takes place over multiple potential timelines, events will be marked accordingly:

*Events that take place in Vattic's future, will be marked with {{Vattic Future}}
*Events that take place in Wilde's future, will be marked with {{Wilde Future}}
*Events that take place in Starke's future, will be marked with {{Starke Future}}
*Events that take place in Hanson's future, will be marked with {{Hanson Future}}
*Events that take place in the correct timeline, will be marked with {{Correct Future}}
*Fixed events that take place in all timelines, will not be marked.



= *John Vattic gets a call to join a squad in Germany. He begins his flight later that day.



==14:00 hrs - Preparation

== February 19th, 18:00 hrs *Vattic meets with Colonel Joshua Starke at Kastein to begin training with for an upcoming and unexplained mission..

==18:00 hrs - Preparation

== *The WinterICE squad is later briefed on their mission to find and investigate Professor Viktor Grienko.



==10:45 hrs - Fieldwork

== February 21st, 10:45 hrs *The WinterICE squad are ambushed when investigating a United States HydroCarb pipeline station on the Huvat Plateau. *{{Vattic Future}} Jayne Wilde is killed.

==21:05 hrs - Reliance

== *Starke and Vattic investigate a USHC facility during the night watch at the WinterICE camp. *{{Vattic Future}}{{Wilde Future}} Colonel Joshua Starke is killed.



==09:30 hrs - Teamwork

== February 22nd, 10:05 hrs *The WinterICE squad arrive in Dubrensk, where they are ambushed. *{{Vattic Future}}{{Wilde Future}}{{Starke Future}} The rest of the WinterICE squad is killed.

==10:05 hrs - Infiltration

== *Vattic finds Sasha Barranikov injured in the snow. *John makes his way through Dubrensk alone.

==11:20 hrs - Childcare

== *John finds the Zener Research Facility and works to rescue the Zener Children.

==12:05 hrs - Redemption

== February 22nd, 12:05 hrs *Professor Viktor Grienko is killed *{{Vattic Future}}{{Wilde Future}}{{Starke Future}}{{Hanson Future}} Director Silas Hanson captures WinterICE and the Zener Children for the US Zener Project. *{{Correct Future}} Director Silas Hanson is killed.

==After 12:05 hrs - Resolution

== *{{Correct Future}} John and the WinterICE team leave Dubrensk by helicopter, while the Marines evacuate the Zener Children.

Between February and October - Enigma

Enigma *{{Vattic Future}}{{Wilde Future}}{{Starke Future}}{{Hanson Future}} Hanson and the National Security Executive experiment upon Vattic and the children in the Osiris Medical Facility to harness their psychic abilities. In the process, they kill the Zener Children. *{{Wilde Future}}{{Starke Future}}{{Hanson Future}} Jayne Wilde is admitted to the Penfold Asylum as a delusional wikipedia:Schizophrenia|Schizophrenic. *{{Starke Future}}{{Hanson Future}} The NSE attempts to give Joshua Starke a wikipedia:Court-martial|court-martial for poor conduct on WinterICE. Although they fail, Starke goes into hiding in the Tenements, where he is protected by a Starke's Gang|gang. *{{Hanson Future}} The remainder of the WinterICE squad disperses. Their exact whereabouts is unknown.




==Before 11:50 am - Isolation

== October 5th, 11:50 am *{{Vattic Future}}{{Wilde Future}}{{Starke Future}}{{Hanson Future}} John Vattic awakes in the Osiris Medical Facility, having forgotten everything he knows.

==11:50 am - Experimentation

== *{{Vattic Future}}{{Wilde Future}}{{Starke Future}}{{Hanson Future}}Vattic begins to remember his time at WinterICE, as he works to escape the facility. *{{Vattic Future}} John discovers that he is the only survivor of WinterICE.

==1:05 pm - Escape

== *{{Vattic Future}}{{Wilde Future}}{{Starke Future}}{{Hanson Future}} Vattic escapes the facility in a stolen car. *{{Wilde Future}}{{Starke Future}}{{Hanson Future}} John discovers the location of Jayne Wilde.



==6:30 pm - Madness

== October 6th, 7:15 pm *{{Wilde Future}}{{Starke Future}}{{Hanson Future}} Vattic arrives at the Penfold Asylum and makes his way towards Jayne's cell.

==7:15 pm - Rescue

== *{{Wilde Future}}{{Starke Future}}{{Hanson Future}} John finds Jayne and helps her to escape the asylum. *{{Wilde Future}} John discovers that Colonel Joshua Starke is dead.

==8:05 pm - Entrapped

== *{{Wilde Future}}{{Starke Future}}{{Hanson Future}} John works with Jayne to escape through the sewer system under the asylum. *{{Starke Future}}{{Hanson Future}} Jayne tells John the location of Joshua Starke.



==7:00 pm - Streetlife

== October 7th, 7:40 pm *{{Starke Future}}{{Hanson Future}} Jayne drives John to the Tenements, where he meets a Starke's Gang|gang, who lead him to Starke. *{{Starke Future}} John discovers that the rest of WinterICE is dead.

==7:40 pm - Breakout

== *{{Starke Future}}{{Hanson Future}} Starke tells John about the Zener Project and National Security Executive, before John and Starke fight together to allow Vattic to escape the block, but on finding the car, John discovers that Jayne has been captured.

==9:00 pm - Conspiracy

== October 7th, 10:30 pm *{{Hanson Future}} Vattic makes his way to the NSE Headquarters, where he discovers the US Zener Project.

==10:30 pm - Confrontation

== *{{Hanson Future}} John battles his way to the office of Director Silas Hanson, where he is ambushed by troops. Jayne Wilde is killed and John Vattic is defeated. {{Story}} Category:Story Category:Past Category:Future